Contributed Work
By: Luke Platz
Type: Project
By: Sherm Blaser
Type: Project
By: Angela De Haan-Lovaas
Type: Project
By: Susie Snyder
Type: Collaboration
By: Kellie Musgrove
Type: Project
By: Nick Conner
Type: Media
By: Patrick Hatfield
Type: Project

What is

Pronounced YOU-nee-commons, the name conveys a sense of togetherness in learning. "Uni" is a recognized contraction of "university" and also means "one" in the formation of compound words ("Uni," n.d.). This project focuses on a return to the original meaning of university as "a community of masters and scholars" ("University," n.d., para. 1). "Commons" represents shared ground or a shared road ("Concurrency," 2008) whereby learners at may share a common platform to develop and present their scholarship.

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