Brian Sather

Associate Professor of Physical Activity & Health


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Practicum Guidelines

As part of all degrees at Eastern Oregon University, students must complete a capstone experience. Within the physical activity and health program, the capstone practicum requires students to complete one or more experiences that allow them to apply knowledge and skills acquired during their academic study. The experiences are fulfilled by taking the class PES409. Read more »

My University Teaching Philosophy & Method

Over the last 16+ years of my college teaching, my instructional philosophy has changed. . .and will continue to change. More recently I have been realizing my role as more of a guide or mentor in the students' learning process. This is my adaptation to the ever-changing world we share. Today we have an astounding amount of information readily available. Advancements in technology have provided several convenient, flexible, and dynamic methods of communication that facilitate learning. These are more than just teaching and learning tools, they are media that enhance our lives in several ways. Every professional should embrace modern tools of communication and be an active learner of and contributor to knowledge in their field of study--and others. Read more »

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My Scholarship

I have developed a collection of scholarly work that is quite diverse. The breadth supports my belief in the importance of multiple forms of scholarship and my role of being a generalist in physical activity and health. My scholarship can be sorted into three emphases: teaching applications, bicycling, and managerial control in universities. Read more »