Indoor Track and Field Lesson Plan

The challenge I have in teaching track and field at my particular school is that I have no track or field; just blacktop, playground, and a gymnasium. Therefore, I have designed an indoor track and field event lesson plan for my Kindergarteners through second graders. This is a fun lesson plan on snowy days when they can not go outside for recess, but still want to run around.

Indoor Track & Field Event for Grades K-2

Warm-up: As the class enters, the students will line up around the circle on the floor of the gym, in the center. We will complete warm-up activities, alternating between walking/running around the circle, upper body exercises, and abdominal exercises, plus a few stretches.

Track Events

Equipment: Cones, hurdle sticks to place over cones, aerobic steps, gymnastics mats, mini-noodles or beanbags. 

Plan: four different types of runs will be placed around the gym, incorporating relay runs into other events. The first run will be a sprint to the next corner. The second run will be hurdle jumping. The third will be a mini-Fartlek course with the students running around cones, over aerobic steps, and climbing over folded gymnastics mats. The fourth will be a mini-Steeplechase with students running over a few hurdles with the last being a jump over a gymnastics mat lying sideways to simulate a water barrier.  Each student has an equal opportunity to run each course twice, in a non-competitive style.

Procedure: Divide the class in half (for me, each class has approximately 14 students. Larger classes can be broken up into four groups). Each group lines up at opposite corners of the gym. The first person in line is handed a mini-noodle (or beanbag, anything that will work as a relay marker). The run starts by having the first student complete the first two runs and handing the relay stick to the first person in the next line, who completes runs three and four. The relay stick is then handed to the second person in line, and so on. Once the teams have finished by switching places, the race starts again so everyone has a chance to run each course. The course will be run twice.

Field Events

Equipment: Gymnastics mats from previous event, Frisbees and hoops, floor markers for long jump.

Plan: During the last half of class, the students will participate in field events. Equipment will be set up in the middle of the gym as students take a quick drink break at the water fountain. The students will participate in the high jump (gymnastics mats piled up so they can leap on top and jump off the other side); the discus throw (throwing Frisbees into hoops); and the long jump (with markers to measure how far they jumped).

Procedure: The class will be broken up into three stations with a certain amount of time spent at each until each group has had a chance to participate at each station.

Conclusion: The last five minutes will be spent in group formation, discussing the course (such as how far each student jumped, how many Frisbees hit the hoops, etc.), and asking questions about which muscles we worked, or if our heart rates increased and why.




This looks like a lot of fun and I bet the kids love it. Is this a culminating activity after lessons and practice of each event or is the purpose mainly exposure to track and field events and to get the kids up and moving? Thanks for sharing.

This is a great plan and I think that it is very creative! I bet the children love these activities. I know when we had Pal track practices the kids loved hurdling things and what not. When the weather gets bad and in your case you do not have the field or track to perform normal track activities this is a great way to get activities done and you have great ideas.

Thanks for the feedback. I think the lesson can be used as both a stand alone activity and a culminating one. Older students (grades 3-6) would probably garner more from a unit plan in track and field than little kids and it would be really useful. Thanks for the idea.

I think you have a great lesson plan here. I love all of the events/activities you have them doing. The kids are really going to enjoy doing this track and field plan. I like how creative you are. You have some really fun activities. I really like the last part of class where you have them doing the high jump, discuss and the long jump. This would be a great activity to do if the weather is bad. Great Job!

Definitely a good lesson, like the commenters have indicated. However, one element that is missing--one that I think should be part of every lesson--is a list of instructional cues that you will emphasize.