Basketball Lesson Plan: 5th-6th grade

                        Basketball Lesson Plan: Dribbling


Instructor: Megan Monaghan


Grade Level:  5-6th


School: Kendall Elementary


Date: October 28, 2009




            1. Students will learn to dribble low to the ground.

            2. Students will learn to dribble while running or jogging.

            3. Students will learn to dribble against a defender.

            4. Students will understand when it is the right time to dribble.

            5. Students will learn to dribble with both hands.



            1. 1 basketball per student

            2. 12 small cones

            3. Basketball bin


Warm-up jog around the gym, about 3 laps, sit in rows and stretch while teacher explains what today’s lesson is about. Will take about 7 minutes.



            Introduction Activity: free dribble, students will have there own basketball and they will have about 3-5 minutes to get warmed up dribbling. Use this time to look around at your students and access their individual skill level, to get an idea of what you need to work with them on.


Teaching Cues:

            1. Keep head up while dribbling.

            2. Loose wrist and strong fingers.

            3. Body in athletic position.

            4. Body turned slightly, as if there is a defender. (when dribbling normal)


Activity 1: (2-3 minutes)

            To start out the class you need to teach them proper ball handling skills. So you need to have them go get a ball and tell them to stand in rows just like they did while stretching. At this point you will tell them to put the ball on the ground between their feet, so no one plays with it. Next you will demonstrate ball handling skills, and when you say go you tell them to copy you, to the best of their abilities. At this time you shall walk around looking at everyone’s technique and give them tips to improve.


                        1. Cross-over: Start out dribbling with right hand, body positioned low to the ground, and keep the dribble low. Then cross the ball over to the left hand and dribble there a couple times then cross back over. Have them do this drill for about 30 sec.

                        2. Back-n-Forth: Next they will stay in the low position and dribble ball with their right hand and dribble the ball to the front and back of them, in a back and forth fashion. At this time you want to keep it low and controlled. It is almost like you are rocking the ball with your right hand. After they have done this for about 30 sec. with their right hand, switch over to left and continue for 30 more sec.

                        3. Spider: The last skill that you will demonstrate is called the spider, and you attempt to try to keep dribbling the ball between your legs, while your body is low to the ground. You start out by bending over and dribbling the ball between your legs with your right hand. Then you want to switch to the left hand while still keeping your dribble, then back to your right, but your right hand is on the back side of your leg, and then back over to the left, which is on the back side of your left leg. This drill is difficult but it challenges the students and makes them want to achieve the goal of success. This drill can go slow, but then try to encourage them to go faster.


            After the first drill you want the students to split up evenly in two lines on each side of the gym, in straight line with the balls on the ground between their feet. While they are standing in line, set up cones and explain to the students what is happening next.


Activity 2: (10 min)

            Teacher will set cones up in a zig-zag fashion, in a line and are evenly spaced apart. There will be 2 sets of cones set up, so split your class up into those lines. Then teacher will demonstrate what the activity is. Dribble while jogging around those cones, while dribbling with right hand on the way down and dribbling with the left on the way back. The students will wait to go until the person in front of them is halfway there. Once the whole line has dribbled down with their right hand, then the beginning of line will dribble back with left hand. The students will go through these 3 times.



            Tell all the students to run and put the balls in the bin, then tell them to jog around the gym, and tell them when you blow the whistle to go toe-to-toe with the person who is closest with them. After they have found a partner have the tallest one go get a basket ball and meet their partner down at the base-line. Spread students out across the baseline.


Closing Activity: (remaining time)

             This drill may not be the most fun but it incorporates dribbling, exercise, and a little bit of competition. When you blow the whistle the first partner will dribble the ball down to the end of the court with their right hand, and back with their left hand, as fast as they can without losing the basketball, or they have to start over again. Once they are back to their partner they will hand them the ball and that partner will dribble down with their right and back with their left. Depending on how much time is left, you can go through this how many times you want, but the partners who complete it first, don’t have to pick up any of the equipment, and gets to leave class early.

I realized after I submitted my lesson plan that the last two activities are similiar so I thought of a fun activity that we use to do at practice.

Extra Activity: Each student has a basketball and you they are only to remain on one side of the basketball court. So their limits would be from baseline to half court and then one out of bounds to the other. On your comand they start dribbling while walking, and the other students try to nicely hit the other students balls out of bounds. When the students ball is knocked out of bounds then they are out of the game. The object is to be the last student standing dribbling the ball. The students have to at all times dribble the ball, they can't pick it up or lose it. Once an amount of students have gotten out, then make the space smaller using cones.

This activity works on the students dribbling techinique, keeping it low. Also the student is working on defending their dribble againts the defense.


I really liked your lesson plan. I think you have good transitions and I can see this working well in your class. I have tried having the kids put the ball between their feet and it never fails that someone kicks the ball. I now have them put it between their knees and this not only helps them listen but stengthens their inner thighs. I also really like how you incorporated competition in your lesson. I teach at a 3rd-5th grade school and most of the kids coming to me don't know how to compete well. They have never been taught how to win and how to lose in the appropriate manner. I have started teaching short sportsmanship lessons at the beinning of the P.E. time so that our games will run more smoothly. I think that incorporating a little competition in your lessons is a good idea to get your students used to winning and losing and being good sports about both.