Sample Softball Practice Plan

This is a high school softball practice plan. Practice starts at 3:30 and ends and 5:30.

3:30- Warm up and stretch

3:40- Warm up throwing

3:50- Ground ball drill (everyone)

  • This drill is designed to work on conditioning as well as fundamentals w hen players get tired. It is a hustle drill so all players must work hard in order for everyone to achieve.
  • Two coaches will be hitting ground balls, one to second base, and the other to shortstop.
  • Two players will be shaggers for both coaches. Two players will be at first and third receiving thrown balls. The rest of the players will divide at second and shortstop.
  • Coaches will hit balls, second will field and throw to third; short will field and throw to first ball. Make sure players are aware when throwing. Players at first and third will then throw the balls into the shaggers for the coaches.
  • Rotation will be as followed: In a clockwise rotation, third base will go to short, short to second base, second base to first base, first base to first coach shagger, first coach shagger to second coach shagger, second coach shagger to third.
  • For every missed ground ball, bad throw or uncaught ball the player will run to the fence and back.
  • If ever there is not a player at short or second base and a coach hits a ball and no one is there to field it, the entire team will have to run sprints, so it is up to other players to fill in for players that may be running and for running players to hustle back.

4:00- Water Break

4:05- Split Infield and outfield and pitchers and catchers


  • Players at positions:

    3 balls to first

   2 balls turning double play

   2 balls to third

   2 balls to home

  • Work on bunt coverage
  • Any extra time will be more ground balls


  • Work on drop steps: 3 to the left, 3 to the right
  • Routine fly balls: 1 line, 1 shagger for coach
  • Short balls: Players work on running in, sliding or diving for balls that fall short
  • Inbetweeners: Players in 2 line apart from one another. Coach will hit fly ball, ground ball, or line drive, and 2 outfielders must communicate together to field the ground ball.


At least 1 pitcher and catcher will stay to work with infielders (will change every practice). After 30 minute workout will switch. All pitchers and catchers should be done by 5:20. Are always welcome to stay longer after practice but are not required.

4:40- Relays

Infielder and outfielder at positions. Fly balls to outfield throwing to second base, third base and home.

4:50- Live Play

Extra players will be runners.

Coach will hit balls to infield and outfield and they will play out the hit live.

5:20- Conditioning

Base running- get back drill, twice through. This drill will help insure that players know and learn to slide and dive back to a base correctly to help avoid injury.

Players will start at home, one at a time, run to first round like a base hit, dive back to first get up like an over throw, run to second and slide. Get up and take a lead off, dive back, get up and run to third slide into third. Get up and take a lead, dive back and run home, slide at home.

Second time through no sliding into the base but still diving back.

5:30- Practice ends


i am working on softball practices as well. your practice plan is very thorough and detailed. i like it.

I like that your schedualing of practice. It seems to be an efficient way for the players to improve. Where did you get your ideas from?