swing dance lesson plan

Instructor:                   Kami Hernandez

Grade Level:                12th Grade

School Name:              Elko High School        

Date:                           March 11, 2010


Equipment:    Music to do a swing dance to

                        Boy/Girl partners


Objectives:     - Students will learn how to do the basic steps in the swing dance.

                        -Students will learn to lead and follow in swing dancing.


Rules for holding during the swing dance:

            1. When doing a swing dance, face your partner.  About 6 inches away

            2. Keep head up and shoulders relaxed.

            3. The leader will place their right hand barely below the partner’s left shoulder blade. 

4. The follower will place their hand on the leaders shoulder blade and put their left arm in the leaders right arm.

5. The leader must take the followers right hand and hold it with their left hand.  The hands should be around waist height.


   The basic swing dance steps (Lindy Hop Basic)


The leader:

                        1.  Start with feet together.

                        2. Rock back (putting all weight) on left foot

                        3. Put weight on right foot, “finish the rock step”

                        4. Step left with the left foot.

                        5. Step right with the right foot.

                        6.  Keep repeating.


The follower:

                        1. Start with feet together.

                        2. Rock back (putting all weight) on right foot.

                        3. Put weight on left foot, “finish the rock step”

                        4. Step to the right with right foot.

                        5. Step left with left foot.

                        6. Repeat.

Teaching Cues:           Keep about six inches away from each other.

                                    Do the steps slow, no rushing.

                                    Try not to step on each other’s feet.




Thanks for the link. It helped me to figure out the beat and tempo for the steps.

I like how you used dancing of a way to help the kids with physical activity. But what I want to know is from your perspective what is it that kids are getting out of the dancing skills cardiovascular, endurance, muscle balance. You didn’t put that and it just talks about what the kids will be learning. Everything else was great you posted the basic step how to perform it from the leader and followers perspective. What I really liked about the dancing skills is how you used the steps of the dance to show the kids how hard this skill can really be other than that good work.