Hard to believe but I chose Tin Cup too!! I watched it a few weeks ago actually but haven't written the report on it yet. I figured that NO ONE else would pick that movie since it's so old LOL ... but I guess it makes sense since he is playing a sport, having problems and wanting to date a psychiatrist! It's cool though, you can have it!! :) Good idea with the making a new list!


This is a good collaborative project that can be carried into future classes too. I just added a few more to the list.

The archive link provided by Brady shows how comprehensive the original list was. I am going to try to find the originators of this list to see about re-producing it. Then, we can take the ball and run with it, adding new movies to our list here and possibly making it into a more functional database in the future.

Brady tonight if it is all right with you I will write a revision of your project and mine and repost it as a collective project which will show and continue your work on collecting new movies then I will attatch my project which was collecting archived information from geocity. I will post this as a collaborative project by both Brady Haze and Daniel Smith to ensure proper credit. If this is acceptable to you and you have any other information you wish me to add please let me know as soon as possible as my intent is to start work on this after I get off work around 4:30 PM today. I did write Dr. Sathers and everything was cleared through him. Thanks again for your attentiveness to this question. PS Sorry about the name thing, Dan Smith


Hey that's fine with me, such is the point of collaborative work. I do have a question though. Are you deleting this collaboration and creating another one? Wouldn't it be easier to just edit this project and cite the work you've done? Whatever you do, make sure you keep all the other people's work in there that have already contributed. I believe there's already been 7 others who've shared.

Brady I tried to attach my collaborative project to yours I had gone through and collected (all) of's archived information somewhere around 8,000 words. I think this was too large to attach to your project so I sent mine directly to Mr. Sathers and explained that the intent was to merge them together but for whatever reason I was unable to post mine to yours. You have been doing a great job on your end of it thank you for trying to work with me to merge these together. If you have any ideas please let me know I can send you my work direct email to email if you think you might know of a way or maybe Dr. Sathers might have a approach to this. Thanks again, Dan Smith.

Sorry man, I don't have any ideas why it wouldn't work. Let me know what Prof. Sathers says.

BUT!!!....I did watch Space Jam, so I will share some insight here on how this comical, querky film does a good job showing us many different aspects of sports psychology, like leadership, group cohesion and confidence.

Michael Jordan shows leadership by, above all things, being the best player on the team. It is often said that that best player is usually the best leader, but through the course of the film, we see Jordan grow as a leader, and become much better at lifting up his teammates--even though we all know it was a different story in real life.

That being said, we see the development of his leadership skills as the movie progresses, and by the end--Jordan shows his teammates that they can do whatever they put their mind to, by giving them the "Jordan Juice," which is really just water. His teammates drink it, and through MJ's confidence, they play excellent in the second half and beat the Monstars.

That being said, it was a team effort TECHNICALLY, but the money scene in the movie is when Jordan takes off from halfcourt and stretches his arm in a ridiculous fashion, effectively dunking from the half court line. This shows Jordan as super-human, and above all competition, so it shows his leadership through actions, but still shows the audience that he put faith in his teammates to reach the ultimate goal, which is an aspect of leadership often overlooked.

Through Jordan's leadership, his teammmates form greater cohesion on and off the court, which amounts to their overall success. Cohesion and success do not always go hand in hand, but ON COURT cohesion is typically thought to result in success. Jordan's team became so unified by the end, that they were able to beat the insurmountable Monstars, and in doing so, the film showed us how the practice of confidence building, proper leadership, and cohesion almost always results in positive results.

I just added this into the Summer 2010 class so we can work on this project some more with a new class.

I love this movie, but the description of it I don't think is accurate. The new coach is not battling alcoholism, the asst. coach he asks to help him is but not the head coach. The head coach had an incident in a past coaching job where he hit a player. Also he does have administrative support, especially since he is living with the principle who is friend of his. The community is against him, and the big thing was him getting Jimmy the start basketball player to come out for the team once he realizes the coach is building a team.