Aggression in sports

Aggression in sports

Sports aren’t necessarily there to punish your opponent physically because if that were the case everybody would just become super buffed and take on anybody. Sports are combative to an extent but it is based on skills more then physical prowess. However when sports take that violent turn it is known  as Psychological Aggression in sports psychology terms.

It’s apart of human nature, people lose there cool for what ever reason and want to fight or get even. This is typical when the ego comes into play a lot of times. For instance, in the Playoffs there are 16 teams that are vying for a chance at the NBA Finals Trophy and will stop at nothing to get it. If you go on youtube and type in NBA fights, most of the fights that you will see occur in the playoffs  or two elite teams that  want to contend for the NBA Title.

If anybody has been watching the NBA playoffs, you know what psychological aggression is in sports. A particular game where the game got heated, It was the Boston Celtics vs. The Miami Heat. Trash talking had gone on during the whole game and the Refs were calling everything so that the game didn’t get too physical.  All of a sudden Paul Pierce falls down holding his shoulder. Kevin Garnett runs over and behind him is Quentin Richardson, he decides that he would like to talk mess to Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. The theory is that because Pierce and Q-Rich hate each other, that Q-Rich is spewing out some choice words for Pierce. All of a sudden Q-Rich receives a stunning elbow to the jaw that appeared to hurt and a small scuffle breaks out. Ironically, 2007 punch of the year award winner Jermaine O’Neal shoves Glen Davis to a seat like he was his Daddy. I sat there eyes wide open waiting for them to start scrappin’.


Here’s the clip of the action.

What do you suggest the reasons why this occurs in sports? I conclude that certain social factors apply in this situation where KG really cares about Pierce’s well being and wants to protect him. Though that might be the dumbest way possible, but KG means well. I also suggest that there is some ‘hood background that plays in this because you can take a person out of the ‘hood but you can’t take the “’hood” out of the person. I don’t know what do you suggest?