Track and Field Lesson Plan: La Grande Middle School

Instructor: Ashlee Michelson

Grade Level: Middle School

School Name: La Grande Middle School

Date: May 25, 2010

Equipment: Cones, shot puts, jumping pit (if no pit just use cone), batton, whistle

Objectives: Listen and follow directions

                 Get an exposure to various track events

                 A fun activity that will keep their heart rate up

First Activity: Track Style Warm Up

Teaching Cues: Focus on doing the drills correctly to properly warm up/ its not a race

Time: 10 minutes

Activity Two: Long Jump activity

Explain how you want to time your jump and go off your strong foot and try and push your hips forward and arch your back back. Also work on jumping before the cone.

Have class break up in groups of 3-4 and have them line up behind the cones. There will be two cones at each station. The first cone is the start the second is wear they have to take off from. One at a time have the students practice the long jump. If we have a jumping pit have everyone line up and do one to two real jumps.

Teaching Cues: Jump off of your strong foot

                       Throw your hips forward

                       Jump before the cone

Time: 10 minutes

Second Activity: Sprints

Talk about using your arms and legs together to run and keep your head up. Don't go til you here the whistle blow.

Have 6-8 students line up on one line of cones and sprint to the other line. Do it from 50 meters and 100 meters.

Teaching Cues: Use your arms

                       Eyes up

                      Don't jump the gun/Listen for the whistle

Time: 5 minutes

Third Activity: Shot Put

Explain basic standing throw. Keeping their elbow up, use their legs and finish up.

Depending on the amount of shots have students get in groups and have them throw into throwing area. If no throwing area mark off area with cone have everyone throw and then shag the shots on the blow of a whistle for safety. Have everyone practice a couple time.

Teaching Cues: Use your legs

                       Elbow up

                      Finish up

Time: 10 minutes

If we can't throw the shot put we should do relay races instead. Have them get in teams of 4 and practice handing off the batton. Then have a 4 by 100 meter race as a final activity.

Stretch as a group.

Time: 5 minutes

Class dismissed


You have a really good plan. I really liked how you put good cues at the end of each activity. I also liked how you switched to different events this keeps the students busy and active. Spending just 5 to 10 minutes on each activity is good it keeps the students interest.
Good Job

This is a very good plan. The students are learning a variety if different events which requires different skills, that will all in all improve the students athleticism, or at least show their strong and weak points. The time periods are also good because the students are sending enough time to learn the skill, but not too much time to where they will get bored.

Great job Ashlee! Didn't you teach this yestarday? How'd it go? That's such a great idea to get Jr. highers exposed to more track and field events. Maybe they'll discover they like it and go out next year.

Thanks for the comments. The lesson went very smoothly. We had a little less time than expected but I still got everything in. We used softballs instead of shot puts for safety and so more students could participate at once. The students listened well and seemed to enjoy the activities.

Good idea to use softballs!!!


I really like the variety of activities you have included in this lesson plan. You also have a back-up activity just in case you're not able to do the Shot Put. You have given in-depth descriptions for each activitiy. My only suggestion is to think of a closing to wrap up the lesson instead of simply dismissing the students.

Good job,