Volleyball Teaching Cues

These are the cues I use in when I am coaching volleyball at any skill level.

Volleyball Teaching Cues

 Skill: Passing

Development Level: Intermediate


Straight and simple platform

Feet should width apart

Hands down

Platform to target


Skill: Footwork for Passing

Development Level: Basic


Step, Hop

Shuffle backwards

Shuffle through the ball on defense

Skill: Serving

Development Level: Intermediate


Present ball (like on platter)

Step with non-serving hand

Open hand

Transfer weight

 Skill: Setting

Development Level: Intermediate


Mold to target (recognize and correct hands)

Superman (hands finish like superman after setting)

Step/hop to get ball

Take at forehead


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It’s very good to use cues when trying to teach athletes in any age group, I find it very important to use the right cues at the right time, for example I use positive reinforcement when every I feel satisfied with the athletes performance, and I use negative reinforcement when every I feel the athlete can do better but depended on the age group determines how straight forward I am with the negative reinforcement, but I always try to use the negative reinforcement in a constructive criticism form. Never the less I like the cues.

God job with cues I think this will work great when teaching students.