Volleyball Practice Plans

Volleyball Practice Plans
(for a high school varsity team)

Practice 3:30-5:45

Practice will start promptly at 3:30, the volleyball nets need to be up, the balls out, and all gear (shoes, knee pads, ankle braces, etc.) on and ready to go.

3:30-3:40 Warm up:
• The Gate Drill
o Split up evenly on both sides of the net. One person at target, one person at left front, and the remaining girls in a single file line in middle back (on both sides of the net).
o Start ball in middle back, toss to target, target pass to outside, outside pass over the net to setter, setter to outside……Follow your ball to rotate
o Good communication!!!!
o Goal 15 passing in a row over the net, then 15 setting

3:40-3:50 Stretching: While they are stretching they will go around the circle and say out-loud their personal goal for that practice
• Hold all stretches for 15 seconds
o Arm across body, left and right
o Arm above head, touch your back with your hand, left and right
o Straight leg touch hands to the floor
o Wide legs touch hand to the floor
o Wide stance, lunge to the right and left
o Standing on one foot, heel to butt, opposite hand opposite foot, both legs
o Sitting, one leg in one leg out reach with both arms toward toes, both legs
o Butterfly
o Pretzel, both sides
o Anything else you feel needs stretching do so now

3:50-3:58: Ball Control
• Partners:
o 50 passing back and forth
o 50 setting back and forth
o 25 pass to yourself, set to your partner

Water Break

4:00-4:13 Serve receive:
• Tri Line serve receive
o Three people on the serving side, one person at target, three people in a tri-line, remaining girls in a single file line behind middle back off of the court
o Left is right, right is wrong
o Work on communication, and moving your feet
o If a ball drops and no one goes for it, everyone must do a dive and roll
o Goal is to get 10 good passes in a row

Water Break, Remind girls to think about their goal they set for practice and encourage them to reach that goal.

4:15-4:28 Defense: Everyone
• Transition Drill: Split up into two groups, one that’s on and the other group shagging
o Start at left front base
o Transition to left front, pass
o Transition to left back, pass
o Transition to middle back, pass
o Get to the tip in right front
Next person goes, once the whole group has gone through three times switch with the group that’s shagging.

Water Break

4:30-4:40 Blocking: Line up evenly on both sides of the net
• Hop, down then back
o Keep your hands up and in front of you, thumbs to the ceiling, big hands, press over the net.
• Step hop, down and back
• Step cross hop, down and back

4:40-4:58 Hitting:
• Outsides, Middles and Rights:
o Run our plays
o Work on good communication with setter
o Hit like it were a game, all out

• Back row players:
o Other side of the net digging the ball
o Work on moving your feet, and touching everything
o Two hands!

Water Break

5:00-5:20 Game Situations:
• Scrimmage
o Mix up teams after ten minutes

5:20-5:30 Game
• Queen of the Court
o With a serve

• Take down nets
• Team meeting
o Recap on practice: good things we did and what we need to work on
o Ask the girls to reflect on their goal and did they meet it?
o Discuss any necessary info, upcoming games, tournaments, etc.


This is a very well thought out practice. I think that with this your practices will run very smoothly. You seem to have a very good idea on how you want your players to achieve. I like the goals idea. This will help them achieve greatness in the sport.

You have a well planned out practice. I like how you have them working on different skills and then trying to use them in a game. Nice job.

You did a really good job with your practice plan. I like that it is very thought out. It is good to be organized as a coach.

This plan is well thought out and organized. This would be a good practice because no of the drills drag on for too long so the players will be able to stay focused during the entire 2 hour time period.

I really like how organized your plan is. I think it is very easy to follow and understand what you want your team to achieve during the practice. It reminds me a lot of the practices I had when playing volleyball. Very well done!