Relationship between physical education and athletics

Physical education in its history must be viewed from the role that it played.  From the earliest civilization of man who hunted and things of this nature, man had to be physical is many areas of life.  I think that the natural humanistic view of this makes it known that it is a natural thing that goes hand in hand with life.  So when you bring in athletics I think that it has to be considered to go hand in hand.  The earliest athletic events come from people who had the ability to perform a certain sport.  Regardless whether the earliest ones started off good at it or not, it certainly developed in the modern sport and athletic world that it is today.  I think that you have to consider these to be a single discipline because you cannot have the athletics without the physical education.  Especially in a modern culture of what is taught in P.E. classes.  When you go to learn physical education you could learn about taking care of your physical body and how to enhance it to perform in everyday life, but you are also taught how to use it in sports.  Sports in its entirety effects many peoples everyday lives whether they are spectators or athletes themselves.  It all can be traced back for many to those early days in physical education.  You could look at it like this, what would physical education look like if sports did not exist but physical education did.  I cannot imagine one without the other.  Athletics need physical education to be successful because if you are successful in athletics it is because you have been educated on physical education in the proper terms.  On the other hand physical education needs athletics.  Without athletics physical education would have a very limited scope of attention that is brought to it.  The relationship between the two is one in the same.  This is also valuable to the places that have been looking to educate in other areas and take away from physical education and that valuable trait that it brings to an individual life.

Sport and activity in the modern world


I agree with some of the points you make, but I also think there are more things to consider. Physical education today is caught between two different curriculum styles, Cooperation and competition based curriculums. While both styles work, is their a balance of the two in today's physical education? I think that a balance of the two styles helps combine physical education and athletics together. In athletics, teamwork is needed in order for a team to succeed. By using the cooperation based curriculum, children learn at an early age how to work together as a team to achieve a goal. the competition based curriculum is needed because the children learn at an early age how to win and lose and how to be good sports regardless of the outcome. This is necessary because as time goes on, athletic competitions become more competitive the older the children get.

There is another question that can be raised involving physical education and athletics. When schools discuss budget cuts, physical education along with other classes such as music and library are often discussed as being potential cuts. If physical education were to be cut, where would that leave athletics?

I do agree that it would be hard to imagine one without the other and believe that should never happen. According to Polidoro, with questions surrounding the future of physical education, what can be done by physical eductors and others outside the profession to keep them together?

education and sport do go hand in hand. I see where AJ is coming from with the different curriculums however I still don't distinguish between the two. Cooperation has to be taught in an environment that is in fact competitive correct? or is atleast preparing the group for future athletic acheivment.
Physical activity has to be a part of education and it astonishes me everytime I hear of this dimension being cut. I fully understand that as far as an education reading, writing and arithmetic are the primary builders of education, but who are we as a nation if we are raising children with no concept of physcial activity. With the rise of electronics in this day in age we are continuously seeing a rise in childhood obesity that will and is directly affecting adulthood health. This affects us mentally, physically and financially.
Physical education is important for life and athletics in combination develop children and better prepare them for life. A general knowledge of good health and healthy activities is desirable. And the ability to be responsible to a team and be accountable for your actions and work as a group is also an essential trait for future development.

Chad, I'll give an example of what I am talking about with the cooperative based curriculum. I work at a school and on Wednesday's I go with a third grade class to PE. Today, the kids were finishing their soccer unit test. The teacher had the kids play a soccer game, but instead of the focus being on winning or losing, the focus was on demonstrating passing skills and defensive skills. The game continued until each student had made a pass and a defensive play. So while they were playing a game, no score was kept and the emphasis was solely on skills. The students that had already finished the test came with me and we did another activity off to the side where the emphasis was solely on staying active.

While a cooperation based curriculum does in certain ways go along with a competition based curriculum, I think that there needs to be a balance of the two. If only one type of curriculum were used, then the kids gain as much out of their learning.