Bocce Ball Lesson Plan 1

1. Bocce Ball Lesson Plan 1

2. Instructor Name: Josh Peters

3. Grade Level: 3

4. Date: 05-31-09

5. Equipment: 4 red, 4 green, 4 blue, 4 yellow and 4 orange Bocce balls. Will also need 2 white marker Bocce balls

6. Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to explain the basic rules and now how to score with the bocce ball.

7. Lesson Focus: (10mins) Explain the rules of bocce ball.
A. Rules of bocce ball:
(1) First throw the white marker bocce balls anywhere you want to throw them.
(2) Then each person or team will throw there colored bocce ball one at a time from a designed line out on the field at the white marker.
(3) The person or team that gets their colored bocce ball closest to the white marker ball wins a point.

8. Lesson Focus: (40mins) Play bocce ball.
(1) Put four students into a group.
(2) Once all the students are in groups, have them line up along a designed line so they how this is where they must throw from to try and hit the white marker.
(3) When hand each group there colored bocce balls.
(4) I will throw the first two white markers to start the first game.
(5) I will then call by group color and have that color throw at the white marker.
(6) Once they finish I will call the next color (so on and so forth).
(7) After all the groups have gone I will blow the whistle and have the students come and look to see how came closest to the white markers.
(8) One point will be award to who’s ever color is closest to both the white markers.
(9) Then I will blow the whistle to have the students pick up their bocce ball and go back the to field line.
(10) The two teams that won the point will throw out the two white markers.
(11) The game will start when I call on a colored group to throw.

9. Lesson Focus: (10mins) Cool down
(a) Have students put away bocce balls.
(b) Go over what we learned today in class.
(c) Answer any questions about the games of bocce.

California State Standards:
Standard 1: Students demonstrate the motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
Manipulative skills: 1.9 Throw a ball, using the overhand movement pattern with increasing accuracy.

Standard 2: Students demonstrate knowledge of movement concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.
Manipulative skills: 2.4 Identify the key elements for increasing accuracy in rolling a ball and throwing a ball.

Standard 5: Students demonstrate and utilize knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activity.
Group Dynamics: 5.6 Work in pairs or small groups to achieve an agreed-upon goal.



I think introducing Bocce Ball would be a great idea for a physical education class. Obviously this game does not provide a rigorous workout, but it gives students an idea of a lifelong game that they could play. This is something that requires players, as children and adults, to be up on their feet and moving. It is also something that everyone (regardless of ability) could play. Good idea.

Your right about bocce ball not begin a rigorous workout but not everything in Physical Education needs to be some kind of rigorous workout. Students also need to to learn technique and in this case the underarm, overarm, and lob drop are all great techniques to master in this lesson.

Good plan. I have never even heard of bocce ball. However, I think I have a good understanding about the rules and how the game is played and would be comfortable playing it with other newbies and still get the gist. I like how you included California education standards that you achieve in this lesson plan. Nice work.

I agree that not all activities need to be a vigorous workout. Students can learn to use technique with Bocce just the same as in Archery, Darts, or Horseshoes. I have never played the game either, is this a game that would keep the attention of middle school kids? I would like to use this activity still it does not seem to require much space to play.

I am taking a class at the moment that is a nontraditional sports class and this is a great example. These games are great for students that have done all the standard games such as baseball, tennis, and track & field in their physical education classes. New games that the students are not aware of the rules really seem to catch their attention. I feel that they may even become more dedicated to the game play because it does not resemble the monotonous games that have been a part of physical education for year.