Cole, what about some sort of peer mentoring program?  I think this is a good idea to help freshman or transfers get acclimated to a new program.  You could either assign your captains, or upper classman to either select or be assigned a "new kid" that they are responsible for mentoring; teaching playbook, practice routines, showing around campus, etc.  This will help the new player feel welcome, build teamwork, and help build leaders.  It will hopefullly also get the new guys excited to return the favor when they are upperclassmen.  Just a thought.

Cole, I agree with Ryan that  peer mentoring can be very effective in aclimating new members to a team.  I used this system as the high school cheerleading coach. Seniors volunteered to show new members the ropes as Big Sisters".  Peer mentoring was actually built into the NCA (Nat'l. Cheer Assoc.) Summer Camp curriculum due to its effectiveness in team building.

Your scenario brings to mind a particular freshman who nearly quit because she wasn't able to pick up the skills as fast as  her peers.  Her "Big Sister" lived close by and worked with her outside practice to improve her skills.  Four years later, this girl who nearly quit was selected at NCA Camp to join the National Cheer Team and perform in Ireland in the St. Patrick's Day Parade and Lord Mayor's Ball! 

Peer mentoring is also beneficial to the more experienced team member in that it makes them realize how much they have learned from the team.  It's also a built in opportunity to give something back.