Danish Rounders Lesson Plans

Materials: Volleyball, three floor mats, and tape for the floor
Rules to Danish Rounders: similar to baseball, there will be a square on the floor where the pitcher will bounce the ball and the batter will hit the ball with his arm and run to first base (first base is the only base that you can run through). Once a runner leaves a base towards another he must go onto the next base, unless it is a caught fly ball then he must tag up. You do not have to leave the base when the ball is hit, but if there are no more batters they must switch and go into the field. To get a batter out you have to either catch the ball or hit the ball into the square while a runner is off of the base. To score you must touch all three mats and cross a line that is determined prior to play. The outs will also be pre-determined before the game starts.
Stretches, Strength training, and Calisthenics: Stretching: Tricep overhead, arm across chest, legs together and down, legs cross and down (both legs), legs apart and down to both sides, then right into groin stretch both sides. Strength: You will tell them when to go up and down and they will count them out, ten push-ups, twenty crunches, ten more push-ups, then their pick of twenty more push-ups or twenty more crunches. Calisthenics: twenty jumping jacks count out loud.
Schedule: Five minute warm-up jog. Stretching and strength exercises, and calisthenics, then explain and play the game.