Danny Russo's For Women Only Seminar

On Monday this week I attended the seminar at the Grande Ronde Fitness Center where Danny Russo from Fitness magazine came to share with the women of La Grande, OR his weight loss program designed specifically for women only. Danny had quite the story about how he used to be a professional body builder who trained with macho men just like himself for years, until one day he decided to start training and helping women reach their weight loss goals, and hasn't gone back ever since. His approach was unlike anything I'd ever heard before. Instead of some fad miracle fitness machine or diet regimen, Danny's program would be tailored to each individuals specific needs of weight loss, taking a number of factors into consideration from PH levels, to certain medications and food preferances. Danny also focused on the fact that women have a higher water retention than men do and because this water weight sits around the hips and waiste, that this is one of the main reason's women gain weight in those areas. I thought I'd share his website because I found it very interesting and very believable as did the other 50 or so women in the room. Here's the catch: You can't be a part of his program if you don't attend a seminar. Danny does not advertise his weight loss program and the only way to be a part of it is to attend the seminar in person and to get the information that way. So keep an eye and an ear out as he may be coming your way!



Weight loss programs need to be based on diet and exercise. One program will never be able to help everyone exactly the same. Water retention, medications, and food preferences are all factors which play into weight loss programs. It is good that someone is implementing these factors into a program. "Cookie-cutter" weight loss programs designed for the masses usually lead to discouragement and people giving up.

Also so many weight loss programs and diets are actually quite unhealthy and not nutritionally balanced. Many also focus on such a low calorie intake that people feel starved and deprived and are not able to maintain the diet. It is so much more important to find a healthy way to eat that can be not just another diet, but they way you eat every day of your life.

Good luck with your goals Chelsea!


I also took a look at the website and could not find any nutrition label info. I am always sceptical when I cannot find those easily on a supplements site. I also wonder about the effects of the supplements on the pH level of the blood. Our blood pH should be between roughly 6.5-8 or around there, too acidic takes away the negative charge on the red blood cells and causes them to aggregated in the veins and arteries and does not enable them to flow through the capillaries as easy as well as decreases the ability to carry oxygen....Too alkaline can actually cause your body to throw itself into an acidic shock to compensate for the alkalinity and end up creating more problems ( this is how some chemotherapeutic agents work). Just some thoughts to ponder! STILL it is something to consider since clean eating and exercise just do not work for some people and the body is just all about chemistry!

We definitely need to be critical of any diet and health plan especially when someone is making money off of it. Also, George's point about proper diet and exercise being the key to healthy weight loss still has the preponderance of research support. Furthermore, the "unbiased" professionals in health are still advocating proper diet and exercise. This really isn't anything different from what Hippocrates was saying thousands of years ago. However, there may be someone that comes along that changes the paradigm, and perhaps Danny Russo is onto something. Thanks for sharing your experience Chelsea.

Hey Crystal, Danny's program did at one point almost go mainstream. All the preparations were made and Danny and his wife were ready to sign the papers when someone who was part of the production made a comment about how it doesn't matter what results people get as long as the production company and Danny Russo were making money. Because of this Danny and his wife walked away. Danny is now retired and only does these seminars every four months where he travels all across the US to meet with women who are interested in weight loss and living happier, healthier lives. That's why you have to attend the seminars to be able to be a part of the program, Danny himself actually emails back and forth with his clients to help them through the program and monitor their changes. As far as the supplements go it sounds like they are all completely natural!! Thanks for your interest and questions :)

Chelsea is there a certain place to find a list of seminar dates? I went to the website and fished around a bit but I was unable to locate an actuall schedule. They wanted me to sign in and stuff and I really just want to know if there is one coming to my area?

Hi Julie,

I don't know exactly how to find out when and where the seminars are held, I had heard about the one in my area from a friend that works at the fitness center where it was held. I'll take a look at the website again, and if either of us still can't find anything I can give you Danny's email address :)

Hey Chelsea, Yes that would be great, would be interested in attending if possible just to see what he is really all about! No biggie, if you have time that is great and I appreciate it!