Characteristics of Effective Physical Education Teaching

Zeng, Leung, and Hipscher (2010) summarize the characteristics of effective PE teaching:

"[Based on] abundant findings from the studies in Physical Education (PE) at various school levels, researchers have summarized that the characteristics of effective teaching and learning environments in physical education were: (a) clear objectives and contents covered; (b) well-organized and appropriate expectations; (c) meaningful task and high success rate; (d) smooth transition and low in management time; (e) appropriate guidance and active supervision; (f) high percentage in student-engaged time and low percentage in student-waiting time and (g) teacher’s enthusiasm and equitable support (Brophy and Good, 1986; Pangrazi, 2007; Graham, 2008; Parker, 1995; Siedentop and Tannehill, 2000)" (p. 19)

Zeng, Howard Z.; Leung, Raymond W.; Hipscher, Michael. (2010, January 1). An examination of teaching behaviors and learning activities in physical education class settings taught by three different levels of teachers. Journal of Social Sciences, 6(1), p. 18-28. Retrieved from