Sport Education Grading Rubric

Roles (Circle point value that best describes skill competency)

0 Severe lack of attention to assigned role.

1 Poor: Lackadaisical attitude toward role. Fails to complete some assigned duties.

2 Unsatisfactory: Performs most assigned duties, but quality is poor. Clearly a half-hearted attempt to complete role.

3 Satisfactory: Actively participates in assigned role. Contributes to success of the entire class. Demonstrates adequate understanding of requirements and performs assigned tasks during preseason and during the season.

4 Superior: Provides additional effort and attention to role. Clearly spends extra time preparing for role, including preparation outside of class. Outstanding performance during practices and events. 100% dedication to role.

Participation (Circle point value that best describes skill competency)

0 No participation.

1 Poor: Misses many practices and events. Failure to contribute much effort to the class.

2 Unsatisfactory: Misses some activities, fails to participate in assignments by coach or others.

3 Satisfactory: Attends practice and events, and participates in required activities. Some additional effort is expended.

4 Superior: Perfect class attendance and active participation throughout the unit.

Attitude (Circle point value that best describes skill competency)

0 Poor sportsmanship displayed. Negative comments and actions. Lack of effort and teamwork.

1 Exhibits good sportsmanship, but occasionally lapses into unsporting behavior like arguing with referees, interfering with the integrity of the game, or physical abuse. These problems are followed by an apology and change in behavior.

2 Exhibits a positive attitude and model sportsmanship and fair play. Includes following rules, encouraging language, doing good to others. Full cooperation with classmates.