Teaching Games, Dance, & Gymnastics

The content provided in this section is specific to teaching games, dance, & gymnastics. It uses the pedagogy content as a basis for the topic. The content here is specific for learning in a course like "Teaching Games, Dance, & Gymnastics."

Speedball Basics

Fundamental skills

Most of the skills for kicking are similar to soccer. Passing skills are similar to basketball with a football pass being common. Drill: Practice football passes with partner to warm up arms. Read more »

Gymnastic Skills

Stretching: Roll wrists, arm circles, head tilt, walk arms back on mats, straddle split, scissor split, hurdlers stretch, quadriceps, spinal rock.

Safety in Gymnastics

  • Always have appropriate supervision of gymnastic activities.
  • Spotter: Have a trained spotter supervise any exercise where the student is inverted. Primary responsibility is to keep head form falling to mat or striking apparatus.
  • Use appropriate thickness of mats for the activity used.
  • While others are performing, all other participants should stay clear of the practice area.
  • Advise students to keep eyes open at all times.
  • Have a definite skill progression.
  • Refer to USGF’s safety manuals for safety tips.

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Netball Basics

Fundamental skills: Most skills such as passing and pivoting are similar to basketball.


7 Players allowed on court consisting of the following positions:

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Principle #1: Exude confidence. Predators look for weaknesses.

Activity: Partners line up across the gym from each other, approximately 20 feet apart. One partner is asked to approach the other, who must respond by asking the partner to stop. Use a strong voice and direct your hand and energy forcefully at the approaching partner.

Principle #2: Stay balanced and aware

Activity: Partners clasp hands, with arms crossed. Attempt to pull the other partner and cause them to lose balance.

Principle #3: Recognize the continuums involved in self-defense.

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Group Exercise Information

Leading Group Fitness Certifications

Popular Exercise Formats

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Kick Boxing
  • Indoor Cycling (Spin)
  • Water Fitness
  • Dance-based Classes
  • T’ai Chi
  • Step-based

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Rugby Skills and Rules

Passing Cues


  • Hold ball in front of body.
  • Look in direction of pass swinging hands across body.
  • Spin the ball by twisting the forward hand up and pronating forearm.
  • Support the player by running behind immediately.


Drop kick


  • Hold ball upright with one hand on each side of the ball.
  • Drop ball nose down on the ground in front of the body.
  • As the ball comes in contact with ground, strike it with instep.
  • Keep the toe pointed on follow through.


Place kick

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Basic Ultimate Frisbee Rules

Frisbee Skills

Basic Frisbee Throw (cross body backhand)

  • Grip: Thumb on top side and index and middle fingers curled under the lip with remaining fingers fanned out underneath.
  • Cock the wrist back, close stance, and move disc behind hip.
  • Unwind by opening hips, torso, arm, and wrist (in order) toward target.
  • Stop the hand before release so disc pivots around index finger.

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Bowling: Delivery of the ball to the hitter.

  1. Two finger grip.
  2. Gradually accelerate on the run up. (10-15 paces for fast bowler, less for slow bowler)
  3. Use a crossover step to turn the hips sideways toward the target.
  4. Keep arm straight, circling behind body and high over shoulder.

Drill: Practice bowling from a standstill to a partner. Progress to a bowl from a short approach.


  1. Use two hands to scoop the ball off the ground. Very similar to fielding in baseball.
  2. Throw immediately to a teammate near the stumps.
  3. Attempt the knock the bail off the stumps before the runner arrives.

Batting: Batsman must keep the wicket intact and attempt to score runs. Read more »

An Explanation of Cricket

Learning Guide for Teaching Games, Dance, & Gymnastics

Description: Study and application of pedagogy for games, dance, and gymnastics. Fundamental skills, appreciation, knowledge of rules, and instructional strategy are emphasized for cricket, netball, speedball, team handball, and many games appropriate for elementary school. Topics also include self-defense, gymnastics, aerobics, and dance.