Basketball Skill Rubrics

Shooting (1 point each check)

  • Shoulders are square to the basket.
  • Shooting elbow is under the ball.
  • Ball rests on finger pads (not palm or finger tips).
  • Visibly uses legs to drive of the ground for the shot.
  • Follow through with hand high and wrist flexed.

Dribbling (1 point each check)

  • Pall is controlled using the pads of the fingers.
  • Knees are bent and head is up.
  • Uses the body to shield ball from defender.
  • Ball stays under dribbler’s control.

Passing and receiving (1 point each check)

  • Passer steps toward target during throw.
  • Arms are extended, wrists snap, and thumbs turn down.
  • Receiver moves toward the ball to catch it.
  • Receiver gives with the pass, catching it with both hands.