Football Skill Testing Rubrics

Passing (1 point each check)

  • Fingers are placed over back half of the laces.
  • Ball is brought behind the ear with throwing elbow back.
  • Steps and transfers weight to leg opposite of throwing arm.
  • Wrist snaps across ball on release (palm facing down).
  • Ball travels in a good spiral with little wobble.

Flag pulling (1 point each check)

  • Defender moves in front of the runner.
  • Stays low in a good balanced stance, concentrating on the hips.
  • Wraps two hands around the waist to pull flags.
  • Two flags are pulled nearly simultaneously.

Pass Catching (Circle point value that best describes skill competency)

  1. Poor: Often missed or fumbles a ball that should be blocked.
  2. Needs Practice: Blocks ball consistently but does not use correct techniques.
  3. Proficient: Correct techniques are present but occasionally makes errors allowing the ball to go by. Chooses appropriate hand position (fingers up on high ball and down on low ball). Scoops up rolling ball with both feet together or drops down on one knee..
  4. Superior: Moves into appropriate position to block the best angles of the shooter. Uses proficient techniques identified in #3.